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Thursday, February 14, 2013

I'VE NAUGHT (A Valentine Triolet)

Silver or gold, I've naught
My garment drips with lovely drops

Think me not, your paper vault
Silver or gold. I've naught!

Pause not like other lot
Come closer and sip these drops
Silver or gold I've naught.
My garment- drips with lovely drops.

©Feb 14, 2013.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I WILL WIN YOUR HEART ( DOUBLE TRIOLET) Dedicated to Ayinla Leah Olayinka

I will win your heart,
With berries and flowers

Valentine comes in beautiful art
I will win your heart.

Let not our souls come apart
Make this season ours
I will- win your heart-
With berries and flowers.

With berries- and flowers
We will roll down the aisle

Hearts flipping with joy, sharing laughter
With berries and flowers

Be your nightingale lover,
Make you feel so fly
With berries, and flowers
We will roll down the aisle

Showunmi Olawale Michael
©Feb 14, 2013.

MY VALENTINE ( A TRIMERIC) Dedicated to Fapohunda Adefunke Adebusola

I'll catch you a moonbeam,
Dress you up with flowers and leaves
Sing you songs like a nightingale
This wonderful day of valentine

Dress you up with flowers and leaves,
I will, fly you up the rainbow's space,
Watch you fall into my arms while I...

Sing you songs like a nightingale,
To melt your cheeks down your spine...
A bowl of chips will ice the cake

This wonderful day of valentine
Our love is birthed on St's street
Basking in the euphoria of the day

Courtesy: Olukayode Kehinde Opatola
©February 14, 2013.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Let me be don’t twist my lung
Lest you make me spit on you
Fill you up with watery tongue
Chase the demon out of you.

Please dont make me spit on you
Turn your shaft from that gossip
Chase the demon out of you
…Else I lash you with a whip!

Show the young to live for change
Turn your shaft from that gossip
Dont dare fail to change your ways
…Else I lash you with a whip!

Fill you up with watery tongue
Let me be don’t twist my lung!

Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

Sunday, November 11, 2012


Like a misled adventurer in search of the Golden Fleece,
On this path, Nigeria was made to venture
As concocted by the pleasure of her colonial masters.

As the hey days of tribulation beckoned,
She was strengthened with passion and agility to endure.
But as her offspring cohered their aggressions
The Union Jack came to reckon!

Behold- as Nigeria admiringly embraced liberation!

Independence - the virginity of Nigeria
Crowned the labors of her heroes past
But she was backstabbed by ruthless despots of the time,
While basking in the euphoria of her virginity!

Eclipsed in the shackles of Corruption,
The aroma of hope and suffering filled our hungry hearts.

Only must we brace ourselves for oppression
As being deprived of our National Cake,
Tumbling down the gullets of our political liars,
We must our destiny remake
Before this rain of hope finally fades!

Nigeria at 52 years after, still on the journey,
A journey retarded by her daunting infant democracy
Compromised by those masked in shadows,
Who have tainted the honor in her bone marrow!

What an illusioned state we nourished!
Today we stand feebly as one
Our foes in merriment and mockery-
Where does our pasture lay?


Sunday, October 28, 2012


Damn this site!
And your seductive signs
That keep me glued to your side
And oblivious of the time
I've wasted in your confine.

Damn this site!
For everything I've
Seems lost in the mist of time
Due to your guise
Of social vibe.

Damn this site!
And it's hype
Even the lads
And the guyz
Become entangle
Like a stripe
To the major's arm.

Damn this site!!
My freedom I must prise
Out of this site
And make hay while the sun shines.